Professional products …

At Tom Ridgway Hairdressing we use only professional salon hair care products to ensure you maintain both the perfect style and enriched, beautiful hair. Our hair care range is used throughout the salon and also available to purchase at fantastic prices.

Alfaparf professional products


Alfaparf professional products


At Tom Ridgway we only use Alfaparf Milano. Here is the Alfaparf story….

A bottle of shampoo. A tube of color. Ounces of hair product on your Salon shelves. The same ounces that work on the heads of your clients every day.

These aren’t just simple hair products. These products are the result of so many things that you cannot even begin to imagine. They are the beautiful stories created by excellence, enthusiasm and good vibrations. Like with every story, let’s start from the beginning…



We create formulas, source raw materials and develop every single product in our laboratory. We test, improve and produce everything.

We don’t skip any step of the process because we only trust ourselves to reach perfection. We’ve been doing this for decades, accumulating techniques and learning from experiences, to become pretty good and very proud of what we do. IT’S NOT BY CHANCE THAT ALFAPARF MILANO IS NOW THE #1 ITALIAN BRAND IN THE HAIR SALON INDUSTRY WORLDWIDE.



We were born in Italy with the vocation to convert what we love into a real business, and the conviction that as Italians we can really go far. Then something amazing happened. Our products started spreading, reaching South America, Asia, Australia, and eventually all over the world. 40 YEARS LATER, EVERYTHING STILL BEGINS IN ITALY, AND WE CONTINUE TO DREAM BIG. WE DO IT FOR PROFESSIONALS.

We love to share our work, knowledge and inspiration with people that share the same dream and the same journey that we started many years ago. Everything we create is dedicated to the hairdressers, passionate and smart people who deserve the very best from us. This means CONTINUOUS CONNECTION AND SUPPORT THROUGH EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS THAT HELP BRING CREATIVITY AND METHODS INTO THEIR SALONS.



We innovate because WE WANT TO CREATE THINGS THAT HAVE NEVER EXISTED BEFORE. And to do that, we need to take risks and give our crazy ideas a real shot at thriving. Everyday we hand you, not just amazing products, but a package full of experiences, creativity and a good amount of Italian taste.